I’m a writer and teacher, mentor, and¬†instructional designer.

My writing style is very focused, clear, concise, and unbiased. When I am creating a document, a post, or a blog, I am very matter of fact in my technique. I am clear about what I know to be true, I provide evidence to support the facts if necessary, and I am very clear about what is an assumption, a conclusion I have drawn, or something that I simply hope to be true someday. You can see this through my blogs, and writing examples in this website and my other websites.

“Put the search for truth above your own ego”~ Julia Galef

I know that may sound very boring and bland, and I certainly do have a creative mind, but I know when to utilize it, and when to save it for another project. My creative mind comes out when determining how to best approach a project, particularly related to training. I love to find creative ways to help learners better absorb the information they need to do their job, whether it be with several micro learning videos, amazing visualizations integrated into a story, virtual reality, augmented reality, or the ability to let the user choose their own adventure with various branches. I strive to design interactive, accessible, and effective learning that can be delivered when and how the user needs needs it.

Clear, concise, simple, succinct, efficient and effective.



Proud Member of the eLearning Guild

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